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We are a Primary Satellite Class of Kaka Street Special School situated at Te Puke Primary School. Being a satellite class enables us to interact with lots of other children and enjoy our host schools facilities including their awesome adventure playground. We have opportunities to integrate into some classrooms and participate in other school activities. We sometimes invite other classes to join us in our room, which is always fun.

The children are supported in their learning by a teacher, teacher aides, as well as weekly sessions with a Speech Language Therapist and an Occupational Therapist. Access is available to other Therapists as required.

Each day we do literacy, numeracy and topic study. The NZ Curriculum is adapted to make learning meaningful and achievable for our children. We also do art, PE and music, which the children thoroughly enjoy.

Life Skills are important in our class too. Each morning we have a special routine to help practise hygiene skills. We cook our lunch every Friday; cooking yummy things such as French toast, pizzas, baked potatoes, scones, scrummy sandwiches and lots more! We usually go shopping at the local supermarket to buy the ingredients we need.

Play Skills are also important. We have lots of fun playing with different games and activities to help language development and social skills. We practise sharing and taking turns.

One day each week, we usually have the school van for community visits. Often, we will visit places that help us learn about the topic we are studying. We have been to kiwifruit orchards, Te Puia in Rotorua, walked up local hills such as Otanewainuku, parks to play in and many, many other places. It’s great! We also go swimming each week at Kaka Street in the heated swimming pool.




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