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Our class has students with high to very high needs. The unit is well staffed and situated in a modern well- appointed classroom enabling us to offer students a balanced, individualised curriculum with a strong life skills focus. As with other students enrolled in our school we are supported by therapists who work individually with children on a weekly basis. We are fortunate to be within walking distance of our base school and we take advantage of the facilities that are available there including the swimming pool.

Tauranga Intermediate School staff, Board of Trustees and students fully support the inclusion of our students into their school which has a reputation for high standards in all areas. We have an excellent rapport with them and we have full use of the outstanding facilities. Our students are taught technology and art by the staff in the Technology and Art Departments and these are subjects that are practical and enjoyable for them. Regular community visits, horse riding and other activities are all included in our diverse programme which enables students to move easily outside the school environment.

You can be assured that should your child be enrolled in our class he/she will have a happy, safe and meaningful educational experience.



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