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Kaka Street offers the South Pacific Education Courses to our older students. The courses have been written by New Zealand teachers to support the New Zealand Curriculum and the learning going forward into the adult community. It has been developed to create relevant and meaningful material to enhance learning and to provide opportunities for personal growth and success.

Students are offered the SPEC Headway courses which is comprised of modules that are usually chosen to enhance the whole school topic focus. The student works on set goals which are linked to the Key Competencies. These goals are assessed through photographic evidence and a written record. On completion of the module the students’ work is verified by an external assessor. A certificate of Learning Support Level 1 is achieved on completion of 10 modules. Each student works on goals that are applicable to the students’ ability level.

SPEC Mission Statement - “For students to experience success through the application of high quality, relevant teaching resources that enable clear demonstration of their abilities in the New Zealand curriculum framework. To equip facilitators to deliver the programme, through high quality training and development. The focus on the development of Key Competencies which are accessible to all stakeholders, and programmes that ensure equal opportunities, and give regard to the Treaty of Waitangi make SPEC programmes a valuable contribution  to existing curriculum subjects. Valuing all young people in school and beyond into adulthood without prejudice and providing a holistic approach to learning enhances self esteem, self motivation and self confidence crucial to success and a sense of worth and personal growth.  SPEC is a people’s programme with a focus on individual interaction”.



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