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Room 3 is a class of intermediate to senior students with high needs to very high needs. The majority of the students are autistic so PECs is a vital tool for communication along with using signing and Assistive Technology. A sensory component runs throughout the curriculum areas with the students participating at their level.

The timetable also consists of supported life skill activities that involve working in the community and helping on a farm. This is important for social development, helping the students to gain basic skills for their future adult life. In the classroom their skills in all areas of self-management, independence is encouraged through cooking, personal grooming and general personal care is encouraged were possible.

The students participate in a physical programme including Ten Pin bowling, daily exercise, swimming, walking and Special Olympics where applicable.

An external programme SPEC [ South Pacific Educational Courses] runs alongside the curriculum and the whole school focus. This consists of modules covering a variety of topics that the student completes. These may also cover I.E.P goals.

All work is internally assessed then verified externally, followed by the student receiving a certificate of achievement.

Our Classroom is vibrant and busy, with heaps of creativity and fun.



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