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Room 2 is located at Base School & is comprised of senior students up to 21 years with very high needs. Staffing is high to ensure the many complex needs of these students are met appropriately. All have weekly input from specialist services.

Students participate in a varied programme with emphasis on Communication, Sensology & Physiotherapy.

Communication is an integral part of the daily programme and includes objects of reference, Intensive Interaction, choice making, using switches to activate equipment, multi sensory spaces, SPEC programmes & specific speech language programmes.

Sensology is a series of activities used to awaken the senses through sensory stimulation. These sensology ‘workouts’ are varied and can include everything from tasting sherbet to swinging in a hammock or smelling lemons.

Physiotherapy /Hydrotherapy programmes are written up and overseen by the school physiotherapist. While some are activity based ie like bike-riding and walking some programmes are designed to help maintain joint flexability/mobility. Students access the heated pool all year round with our hydrotherapist.

Room 2 is a safe, happy, relaxed and fun environment where students can participate in a wide range of activities that are meaningful for them and allows them to become confident with their own identity. They will be engaged and challenged to ensure they achieve personal excellence.



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