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Room 1


Room 1 at Kaka Street is a class for primary aged students with predominantly VERY high sensory needs. Our curriculum is therefore sensory based with a large input from the school’s therapists.

Our main focus is communication. Each student has an individual programme using communication aids, objects of reference or approaches such as Intensive Interaction to give them as many opportunities as possible to communicate.

In Room 1, we follow a sensory programme to stimulate all 7 main senses which involves visits to the school’s multi-sensory room and class based activities. We have messy play sessions, visual skills, tasting and smelling activities and tactile exploration as well as using hammocks, swings and mats for our vestibular programme.

We have physiotherapy every day of the week. Our students have many pieces of equipment such as standing frames and walkers in which they are positioned throughout the day. We access the school’s heated swimming pool for regular hydrotherapy with the physiotherapy team.

In Room 1 we are always smiling and enjoying ourselves, the staff and students work together to make sure the students achieve to their potential. We use music, fun activities and a friendly atmosphere to make sure the students are happy and like being in Room 1.


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