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The Kaka Street High School Class opened in Term 1 2011. This class has been established in a property in Merivale not far from the Base School. Because of this we have the use of the school heated pool, school vans, therapists as well as their own identity as a separate unit.

These high school students wear a uniform of navy blue tops and black shorts, trousers, shirts and/or tights. The unit is well staffed and therapist assistance is given regularly.

Our aim is to have a group of happy students who are continually challenged by a varied and fun programme. Building self-esteem is important for our students as they move towards transitioning into the community.

The curriculum and Key Competencies are taught through a functional context. Much work is done on fostering independence, giving students strategies to cope with behaviors in social situations. The teaching of literacy and numeracy are also taught in a functional context as are self-care and self-management skills needed for independent living. Key competencies are developed through accessing the community. These experiences include supermarket shopping for food technology, community participation and contribution through meals on wheels and personal development through Argos Gym, kakyaking at Waimarino and Special Olympics participation.

Peer mentoring occurs with weekly visits from students from Tauranga Boy’s College.



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